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At some point each of us will be touched by the death of someone we care about.  Whether they are very close to us, or just a casual acquaintance; whether they die suddenly and unexpectedly, or gradually from a lengthy illness, the emotional storm that follows can sometimes be difficult to face.

Our Pastoral care staff understands that people deal with death in a variety of ways.  While there are certain commonalities that are shared, each one’s grief is an individual experience.  There is no set formula for either how, or how long one grieves.  And sometimes, when we feel we are making great progress in the healing process, we can suddenly find ourselves seemingly at square one, as if it has all just occurred.

We have compiled the following list of resources to help those who have lost a loved one, or perhaps are facing potential loss.  You may find help and the answers to your questions just simply by reading from the collected materials, or you may wish to get involved in a support group.  We encourage you to explore these websites and resources at your leisure. 

Your pain is real, but there is hope.

It is not length of life, but depth of life.  Ralph Waldo Emerson